Diabetes Tasmania Camps

As a part of Diabetes Tasmania Youth Program we provide age specific Camps especially designed for children with Type 1 diabetes.  The focus for each camp will be companionship, support, education and fun.

Those who have attended camps in the past will have happy memories of a great time at camp and the friendships formed there. For those who may be new to camp we say “Come along, no need to be anxious, we make a special effort to help campers relax into the holiday spirit and make new friends. Everyone at camp understands about living with diabetes, and no one lets that get in the way of having fun, getting active, having a go at some adventure activities as well as having time to chill out and chat with new and old friends."

Youth Program Coordinator Traci Lonergan and a team of Diabetes Educators, Dietitians, Cabin ‘Buddies’ and activity providers will coordinate each of the camps.



A weekend camp program for 7 to 9 year olds.

For many in this age group a ‘sleepover’ away from family and friends can be a daunting prospect. With this in mind we invite a parent or other caregiver to stay for the weekend and join in the camp program.


Junior Camp is for children aged 10 -12 years old.

This camp is held over the October school holidays.


The Senior “Ready 4 Life’ camp for the 13 -17 year olds.

Will be held in the April school holidays.

Transport to and from the camp venues is the responsibility of parents and guardians. 

If you are interested in attending a camp or if you or would like more information; concerns about diet, financial constraints or any other matter, please contact Traci Lonergan: 03 6333 0233 or email tlonergan@diabetestas.org.au.