Local Council, Emergency Services and Not-for-Profits

The Needs of People with Diabetes and Other Chronic Conditions in Natural Disasters

A Guide for Local Councils, Emergency Services and the Not-for-Profit Sector

This guide is for organisations and personnel who deal with natural disasters and emergencies during the planning stages such as local disaster management groups (local council) as well as those who deal with ‘on-the-ground’ situations after a natural disaster has occurred, such as those managing evacuation centres.

This guide has a major emphasis on diabetes, however it provides important information on the needs of those with other chronic conditions, many of which co-exist with diabetes.

Part 1 is a general overview of disaster management as well as detailed considerations for people with diabetes. It includes medication management; blood-glucose monitoring; nutrition; hygiene and sanitation; dealing with stressful situations and mental health; physical activity; eye and foot care; wound management and refrigeration requirements.

Part 2 focuses on the needs of people with chronic conditions in natural disasters.

Part 3 addresses the key messages for people with diabetes and how they can prepare for the self-management of their diabetes before, during and after a natural disaster or emergency.

You can find the guide as a PDF here: A guide for emergency services, local councils and the not-for-profit sector