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Type One Youth Support Program 

You can donate now to our Type One Youth Support program, or TOYS, this is a comprehensive program designed to teach young people how to live with a chronic medical condition – Type 1 diabetes. 

The program combines recreation, sport, education, health and personal challenges to develop healthy, well-rounded children.

Your donation to TOYS will enable us to continue this important work.  TOYS is an integrated collection of programs aimed at children, families, schools and the wider community.  Through this program we are able to run the following:

• Diabetes Camps for ages 0-25

• Family Support in caring for kids with diabetes

• Diabetes Friendly Schools to keep kids safe all day

• Good Health Generation – type 2 diabetes prevention

For more information on TOYS, please have a look at the prospectus here TOYS prospectus for website.pdf

If you would like a more condensed version of the prospectus for printing you will find it here - TOYS DL Brochure