Older People - Resources

With increasing age, the number of people with diabetes also increases. Approximately 50% of all Australians with diabetes are aged 65 years or older.

Below, we have included some resources specifically to assist in the management of diabetes as you age.

Healthy Eating for Older People

This booklet provides information about healthy eating and food choices for older people living with diabetes. As we get older, staying nourished and maintaining healthy eating habits can be challenging. Our lifestyles and appetites can change and chronic conditions such as diabetes can take up our time and energy, and affect our food choices.

This booklet is available as a PDF.

You and Your Health Care Team

This booklet provides information to help you work with your health care team and live well with diabetes. It is not always easy to find your way around the health system. You need to work out who can help you with health issues and maintaining your wellbeing. Also, as you get older you may have more health issues to deal with, which can add extra challenges. This booklet is designed to help you understand the health system and make it easier for you to manage your diabetes.

This booklet is available as a PDF.

Managing Diabetes As You Age

Diabetes care is generally the same no matter how old you are. However, there are some specific changes that happen with age and these might affect your diabetes. You may have had diabetes for a long time, and in your later years you may have other health issues. This booklet gives you information to help you manage your diabetes as you grow older.

This booklet is available as a PDF.