SMART Programs

The SMART programs are a range of short group education workshops designed to help you better manage your diabetes.

All programs run for 3 hours and you will leave with helpful information.  They are run by a trained facilitator.

For more information on dates that are coming up in your area please check out our calendar of events, here.


Do you know what is really going into your trolley? Come along to ShopSmart and we will help you make healthy choices while shopping. Learn how to understand food labels and spot the methods used to trick you into buying unhealthy food.


Confused about carbs? This session will make you an expert on the myths and facts of carbohydrates. Learn about the different types of carbs and the amount that is best for you. This session is run by an accredited health professional.


Your feet are made for walking - so let’s keep them healthy. This session will teach you all you need to know about checking and caring for your feet. Foot education is an important intervention to prevent foot complications.


Do you find checking your blood glucose painful? Or suspect you are not getting

accurate results? This practical skills program will show you all the best techniques for using your meter to help manage your diabetes.


This program helps you understand what your medications are, what they do and how to address any concerns you may have.

Living with Insulin

Are you new to insulin, or have been on insulin for a while and would like a refresher?

This program provides you with key information to help you understand insulin, the different products and equipment available, and the importance of looking after your blood glucose levels.

Insulin Pump Workshop

If you’re a little unsure about how to get the most benefit from your insulin pump, or would to like to learn more about the features your pump provides, then this hands-on program is for you! This Insulin Pump Workshop will provide key information to help you confidently look after your diabetes.

Please note: All SMART programs are $5.00 per person to attend.