The COACH Program®

Do you feel like you need support and advice to prevent or manage your diabetes more effectively?

Join Diabetes Tasmania’s free phone-based coaching program to take control your health now. The COACH program® leads the world with its evidence-based, award-winning coaching prevention program for people with chronic disease or for those at high risk of chronic disease.

At Diabetes Tasmania, The COACH Program® is a free service available to people who are over the age of 18, with: 

  • a high risk of diabetes
  • pre-diabetes
  • type 2 diabetes

What is The COACH Program®?

The COACH program® is a structured telephone health coaching program. Participants work with trained coaches (health professionals) in achieving national guideline recommended target levels for their particular risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes and its complications. It provides people in the community with the opportunity to work with a coach to understand, manage and improve their risk factors such as:

  • nutrition
  • weight
  • physical activity
  • blood glucose levels
  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol

How does it work?

Support is provided over the phone once a month for approximately 6 months. The coach develops a plan of action with the patient to modify risk factors and improve lifestyle. 

After each session a written report is provided to participants which summarises the session and reminds them of the progress to be achieved by the next session.

It encourages participants to be active rather than passive when it comes to their healthcare.

Why should I join?

There are many benefits to joining The COACH Program®:

  • help you improve your general health
  • reduce avoidable hospital admissions
  • it’s free
  • the sessions run at a time that suit you
  • every session is personalised to your specific needs
  • all sessions are held over the phone so you do not need to travel to see your coach
  • The COACH Program® health professionals help you to work together with your usual doctor and other health professionals to meet your health goals no matter where you live.

How do I join?

  • it’s easy!
  • simply call us on 1300 136 588
  • sign the consent form that will be posted to you and return it to us in the reply paid envelope
  • book an appointment to start the first coaching session.

“Thank you for all the information and help I received.

It has definitely helped me work towards my goals.” The COACH Program® participant

Your questions answered:

Q. My doctor is already taking good care of me. Why do I need The COACH Program®?
A. Our coaches work with your doctor’s advice. The education enhances your follow-up care and helps you to meet and maintain your risk factor targets.

Q. I already see another health service in regards to my diabetes care. Is this the same thing?
A. No. The COACH Program® complements other education services you receive as it runs over 6 months and is a longer term approach to understanding your diabetes management.

The COACH Program® is delivered to you by Diabetes Tasmania and

the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services.